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FREE Virtual Event -April 24-27, 2023

Build Your Beautiful Business Online Summit 2023

Discover the pieces your plan is missing to build & grow your dream business with simplicity and ease!

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Allow Yourself to Finally Invest in you!

I’m handing you a roadmap to finally build an irresistible business that lets you connect with and sell to your dream clients.

About the Summit

Start Building the Business You’ve Always Dreamed About

In a sea of overwhelming info, it doesn’t take much to hit pause on your dreams of creating a beautiful business.  Whether it’s because you don’t know where to begin or you don’t know how to take it from an idea to fully functional its keeping you stuck.   

AND I hate this for you!!!

That’s why the Build Your Beautiful Business Online Summit was born – to bring you 35+ experts that will reveal the tools and strategies (the puzzle pieces) to give you confidence to start building a profitable business you love that works on autopilot.

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About the Summit

What is Build Your Beautiful Business Online Summit?

Running a business can be an emotional rollercoaster! Some days you feel positive and other days you may struggle to find the energy to get excited about where you are going.

Hold up sister, you need help to get your beautiful business moving in the right direction for success and I gotchu!

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This is why I think you should totally register!

35+ Guest Experts

I couldn’t be more excited, because these 35+ experts and I came together to inspire you to gain confidence, get unstuck and start building the business you’ve always dreamed about.

With so many actionable strategies, you will grow from being overwhelmed and stuck to being proud & confident in sharing your gifts with the world.

By the end of this event, you will be able to take what you’ve learned from each individual expert and build your own customized plan to build your dream profitable Beautiful Business … that works on autopilot for you. 

NO MORE spending so much time downloading all the free PDFs trying to piece a business together and getting nowhere!

And yes… it’s 100% FREE

You Should Attend Build Your Beautiful Business Online Summit if ...


Every time you start to work on your business you get so overwhelmed and stressed because you don’t know how/where to start.  

You with someone would just help you build what your business needs, so that you can start making  money from it. 


You feel stuck in hustle mode trying to create a beautiful website, because you don’t know how to design a consistent looking brand style that you love!  

You need help finessing your plan so you can create a beautiful business that you are proud to share with the world. 


You feel lost & overwhelmed by all the moving pieces you need to create to make your business work effectively.  

You need guidance to help you create all the necessary parts to make your business work for you and start seeing the results you crave in your business.

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What Attendees Shared About the Last Summit

Who You’ll Meet During This Free 4-Day Virtual Event

Hover over speaker to see more (and to follow them on socials)

tropical office + podcast series
Julie C Butler
Kiyoko Sophia
Raimonda Jan
Gemma Bonham-Carter
Bethany Taylor
April Beach
Brittany Budd
_DSC3967-Edit - Jennie Wright
Jennie Wright
Liz Boer
Wave Wyld
Carrie Thomas-Omáur
Polly Lavarello
Shaheen Plunier
Kaci Ackerman
Arika Clark Alejo
Wendy Breakstone
urbanbent-4448s - Annemarie Gruden
Annemarie Gruden
LaKisha Mosley
Andréa A Michel
Tracy Phillips
Tara-square2 - Tara Reid
Tara Reid
Faith Mariah
Tasha Booth
Marissa Roberts headshot - Marissa Roberts
Marissa Roberts
Sonja Gottschalk
Tasha headshot - Lady Boss Studio
Tasha DaCosta
Queen Chioma
Sarah Dew Headshot - Sarah Dew
Sarah Dew
Kabrina Budwell
Summit Speaker Graphics
Vicky Etherington
Lindsay Maloney
Devon Gardner
Aurora Gregory
Lynne Neville
Untitled design - Melissa LeMay
Mélissa LeMay
Sarah Sambles
Starr Codd
Eden Fried
Kristin Bentley
Kristina Bleiler
Audrey Wolfe
Kath Grimmitt

Our Speakers are From Around the Globe and Have Been Featured in...

Ready to Create Your Dream Business?

4 Day Virtual Summit

Schedule & Topics

Each day, the video presentations will drop at 9am, and will be available for 48 hours so that you can watch at your own convenience.  

You will also receive a “Master List” of every Expert’s free gifts + their FAV BIZ book. 
This is for your convenience (and because I’m a nerd about stuff like that). All in one place for you .. WIN!


start a business in your 60s

Day one: 

Julie C Butler: Tech: How I use ThriveCart to Generate Consistent Sales
Kabrina Budwell: Build a strong business foundation to achieve great success!
Sarah Dew: Be a Productivity Powerhouse (Stop procrastinating, start doing and get sh*t done!).
Shaheen Plunier:  How to reset your energy when dealing with disappointments (failed launches) in your business
Andréa A Michel: Being a trauma-sensitive leader and building a trauma-sensitive business
Kaci Ackerman: ClickUp Systems to Scale your Business
Mélissa LeMay: Staying organized with Canva
Bethany Taylor: Using your human design to build your unique biz strategy
Annemarie Gruden: ACE any brand photoshoot, whether it’s your first or tenth.
Kristin Bentley: How to Go from Book Idea to Finished Manuscript in Just 96 Writing Days
Audrey Wolf: Content creation and finding your visual voice online
Sarah Sambles: How to create your compelling Brand Story


laptop ceo lifestyle

Day two: 

Julie C Butler: Designing the perfect brand for your digital product
Tara Reid: The Content Marketing Power Trio: SEO + Blogging + Pinterest
Vicky Etherington: The ultimate roadmap for creating a high-performing website
Sonja Gottschalk: How to multiply your results with google ads.
Kristina Bleiler: Discover your brand’s best advantage to stand out in your Industry
Carrie Thomas-Omáur: Step Into the Light: Building Brand Awareness with Visibility
Wendy Breakstone: Stand-out differently & Fill Your Email List Fast with a Small-But-Mighty Micro Audio Summit
Jennie Wright: The No-Hustle Strategy to Sell More, Make More and Have More Time. 
Aurora Gregory: Boost visibility and connect with your audience by speaking on stage
LaKisha Mosley: How online events can elevate your business to the next  level
Lynn Neville: How to have a 5 figure launch with collaborations
Kath Grimmitt: Branding Beyond the Basics: A Holistic Approach to Starting Your Brand


starting a podcast


Brittany Budd: Making 6 figures organically with your social media content, getting rich by being YOU!
Tasha Booth: Set yourself up for success and sustainably grow a multi-6 figure business
Raimonda Jankunaite: How to build your authority and become consistently visible online 
Star Codd: How to use Facebook Groups to grow your business
Tracy Phillips: Building Authority With Video, No Dancing Required
Tasha DaCosta: 3 Basic Sales Funnels for a bigger and better business
Kiyoko Nakano: How to prepare for your first funnel project (whether you’re hiring a contractor or doing it yourself!)
Devon Gardner: What to ask every potential client to nail the discovery call + present yourself as a highly paid expert
Wave Wyld: 5 Best Practices for Short Form Video
Queen Chioma Nworgu: How to Get Podcast Bookings & Media Interviews in 2023 


starting an online business

Day four: 

Julie C Butler: How to create an offer and get it out there in the same day
Marissa Roberts: How to make more sales with less effort
Lindsay Maloney: The benefits of having a low ticket membership
Arika Clark Alejo: Expanding Impact and Income with online courses
Gemma Bonham-Carter: How to Validate Your Course Idea with a $5k Founding Launch
Liz Boer: 4 steps to market and promote your course  
April Beach: How to a build million dollar transformational offer that guarantees results
Faith Mariah: Easy to sell products/creating products people love to buy. 
Polly Lavarello: How to ditch live launching and scale with one high ticket evergreen group program
Eden Fried: Sales with instant customers (setting up email system to turn leads into buyers)

The FAQ's

You can attend this event completely FREE.  Each day, you will have access to amazing guest expert interviews/trainings that will be available for 48 hours for you to watch at your own convenience.   

If you wish to do so, there will also be an option to upgrade to a VIP Entrée Pass.  With this pass you will receive access to all presentation replays, so you can watch them at your own pace and hang on to them for re-watching (believe us – you’ll want to! these speakers are fire!).

Incredible Value!!! Here is what’s included with your FREE ticket: 

  • Access to 35+ invaluable speaker interview/trainings that you will not to miss out on

  • A free gift from each speaker. YAY!!! 

  • Access to daily live panels where you can connect with and ask questions to the speakers (these are FIRE!)

  • Access to a private summit Facebook group where you can connect with other attendees and speakers

I get it!!

It’s always fun to have you carve out time to attend the presentations during the week of the summit, but I understand that it’s not always possible for everyone and that 4 days is a lot. 

That’s why I created the VIP Entrée passes just for you.  You’ll get access to the speaker interview replays and a ton of additional goodness along with amazing bonuses to give you the tools and strategies to start building a profitable business.  A business that you love that works on autopilot.  

I’m not going to try and use clever or fancy words for this. Simply put, a VIP Entrée passe gives you the peace of mind you need, to not worry about missing some of the expert interviews during the 4 day live event. Oh and you get extra goodies with the pass too.

The 35+ expert interviews are HAWT, and you are going to get super giddy about what you’re going to learn during the speaker presentations, and you will be ready to implement some of the strategies.  You are going to want to be able to access the amazing recordings and have them on replay when ever you need/want them even after the event is over.


I’m totally the same way.  That’s why I created the VIP Entrée passes just for you.  You’ll get access to the speaker interview replays and a ton of additional goodness along with amazing bonuses to give you the tools and strategies to start building a profitable business.  A business that you love that works on autopilot.

See what’s included in the passes below!!!

Due to the digital nature of this event, refunds will not be granted. 


Have a lookie here for all the info you need to know about sponsoring the event.  

Contact me at support@juliecbutler.com for more info or if you have any questions. 


I love that you think this summit is worthy of sharing with your audience and I appreciate you so much for doing so.  

APPLY to be an affiliate here, and once approved you will get 40% commission on any VIP  purchased through your special link.  Oh and all the marketing materials you need to promote it with ease. (Promo graphics, email copy and social copy). 

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This is my affiliate link. 

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Contact me at support@juliecbutler.com if you have any more questions about this event.

say hello to your host

Hey Girl, I'm Your New Biz Bestie

Hello friend, I’m Julie … and I started my business journey as a self-taught portrait photographer over 15 years ago.

I didn’t grow up knowing I was going to be an entrepreneur! Actually, I became an entrepreneur by accident.  As it turns out, I’m an artist and I fell in love with photography during my many travels around the world back in my 20s.  

About 4 years ago, I decided I wanted to take my business to the next level.  YES! I wanted an online international business.  So, how the heck do you make this happen? Like, how do you even get the world to know about you? How do you figure out, and piece together this puzzle? 

I know that my audience and my customers are asking me the same questions. They’re signing up for webinars and downloading a gazillion PDFs to try and figure it out.  But it doesn’t always connect for me, and it was ALWAYS missing pieces.  

I had to figure it out on my own, and that’s why I’m so excited for this because you don’t have to.  

Today I know what it takes to get there and I have collected these experts who also know and together we are going to put that together for you so you don’t have to figure it out on your own. 


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Photographer + Creator of Magnolia & Sage 

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 by Mélissa LeMay

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