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Applications will be closing Monday September 5th

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Call For Experts!

The Build Your Beautiful Business Online Summit 2022

A Hustle Free Plan to Create a Beautiful & Profitable Brand so you can Build & Grow your Dream Business with Ease

Do you help coaches & service providers build and grow their business with simplicity & ease?  

In a sea of overwhelming info ...

It doesn’t take much for one to hit pause on the dreams of creating a beautiful business, due to not knowing where to begin to take it from just an idea to fully-functional.

I couldn’t be more excited though, because together we are going to inspire our audience to get un-stuck and start building the business they’ve always dreamed about.  

With your strategies, we will give them confidence to start building a profitable business they love that works on autopilot.

The most important key for me, is that I would like your strategies to be ACTIONABLE and designed to get people thinking about how to do YOUR thing better.
I have faith that together, we will be able to change the lives of this amazing audience. 

By the end of this event, attendees will be able to take what they’ve learned from each individual expert and build their own, customized plan to have their dream Beautiful Business.

This is what I have in mind for our 3 themed days:

Day 01

It all Starts Here

On day one we’ll talk about the things that make up the foundation of our business. Mindset, money blocks, branding, finding your niche, customer journey, growing an email list, how to stay organized, etc. 

Example Topics: 

Day 02

Stand out With Style

Day two we’ll tackle creating websites that convert, copywriting that sells, best tech tools, systems & processes, funnels, etc.

Example Topics: 

Day 03

Built Trust & Credibility

Day three we’ll touch on how to show up like a pro & get visible with our ideal clients in the way of organic or paid marketing, content creation, staying authentic etc.  

Example Topics: 

If You Can Speak On Any Topic Related To These Three Themes (or if you have a suggestion), I Want To Hear From You!

My promise to you is that this event is going to be extraordinary. Meaning I want to feature experts who vibe with my energy and are true teachers of their craft.

If you ...

Then This Event Is For You

Key Dates & Requirements

Summit Promotion Period: October 4th – October 24th, 2022

Summit Begins: Monday, October 24, 2022

Guest Experts featured on the Build Your Beautiful Business Online Summit will participate in one 30-45 minute presentation/interview video as well as additional promotional videos to be recorded at the same time. 
No offers or upsells will be permitted, but free gifts are highly encouraged and recommended to take advantage of the new visibility you’ll gain.
Speaker Applications Due: September 5th, 2022
Speaker Final Selections Chosen: Continuous but last decisions made September 9, 2022
Speaker Information & Free Gifts Due: October 1th, 2022
Interviews Completed by: October 10, 2022
If you are able to participate in the entire event including any promotional or lead-up activities, and adhere to these deadlines, please click the button below and submit your application.

Grow & Profit Online FAQ

Please read this quick FAQ before you apply and make sure this event is for you

There is no list requirement to be on the Build Your Beautiful Business Online Summit.
I stance on list minimums is that they are exclusionary and not ok. Having said that, we do want you to have an active email and social presence that you will share to. 
Events like these depend on speakers who are willing to share and get the word out.  I will be doing everything on my side to share and put this event in front of as many people as possible.
I do ask that speakers who participate in the Build Your Beautiful Business Online Summit help me with my goal of promotion. I will work with you to see what that promotion can look like and how it fits for you as well.
Promotion can be a mixture of lives on social, posts on social, podcast appearances (having me on as a guest) and sending emails to your entire email list with a solo email (not just a newsletter blurb).
I will give you everything you need to promote so not to worry there. 
If you cannot promote, or are not interested in promoting, then please do not apply to be a speaker. 
Hey, I actually get why you’d ask this – we’re all busy and we need to see some ROI. 
Online events/summits can be huge for speakers.  They can give you access to audiences you’ve never been in front of before, help you grow your list with your freebie that you’ll be asked to share as well as help get additional exposure with your peers. 
Online events/summits I’ve been in have helped me close thousands of dollars in clients and added thousands to my email list. 
Well, I’ve already shared above that we need you to be committed to promote, and if you’re not, then please don’t apply – it’s that simple. 
The other commitment to the event is to record an online zoom interview with me (will take about an hour), and participate in the speaker only kick off call on Thursday September 29th @ 1130am ET (I will send you the recording if you can’t make it live). 
You’re invited to participate in the Facebook group during promo and while we are live. 
There will be several LIVE zoom speaker panels starting October 24-27th with a closing call on October 27th. All attendees are invited to be on the speaker panels as well. 

Yes! There will be an affiliate program for the VIP offers within the event. 

Affiliate commission will be at 40% of direct sales from the events and we are looking at some other affiliate opportunities for post summit offers as well. 

Affiliate payouts will be made December 1st, 2022. 

Click here to become an affiliate.

I value making sure my events are accessible.  As I work towards this, I’m open to being better and learning new ways and best practices.  If you have accessibility concerns, please email me directly at info@juliecbutler.com. 
All expert interviews will be transcribed live on zoom and the transcriptions will be loaded to our video player so that they can be accessed for those who require that support. 
This event is also open to all humans, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, or any other identifier. All humans are welcome to apply to be speakers, all humans are invited to be registrants. All are welcome in my community. 

If You Can Speak On Any Topic Related To These Three Themes, I Want To Hear From You!

Meet Julie!

Say Hello to me

I am Julie … I am 40-something Canadian wife and mamma of two witty boys and 3 fur babies, and I started my business as a self-taught portrait photographer over 15 years ago.

I am a simple country girl at heart, but have been living in the city for 20+ years! I’m a creative being who loves gardening & all things pink. I love mornings & lattes and am overall a pretty happy and positive person, life is a gift, and I feel incredibly grateful and happy to be living this life … in my yoga pants 😉.

My mission is to help female entrepreneurs who are in love with what they do, build & grow their business so that they can achieve a level of success that goes above and beyond by creating irresistible high converting brands that let them connect with their dream clients.

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