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October 24-27, 2022

The Build Your Beautiful Business Online Summit 2022

A Hustle Free Plan to Create a Beautiful & Profitable Brand so you can Build & Grow your Dream Business with Ease

What is the Build Your Beautiful Business Online Summit?

It’s my very first online event!!

I couldn’t be more excited, because this event promises to inspire women entrepreneur (coaches and service providers) to get un-stuck and start building the business they’ve always dreamed about.  

With this event’s strategies, we will give them confidence to start building a profitable business they love that works on autopilot.


A Sneak peek at the proposed schedule:

Day 01

It all Starts Here

On day one we’ll talk about the things that make up the foundation of our business. Mindset, money blocks, branding, finding your niche, customer journey, growing an email list, how to stay organized, etc. 

Day 02

Stand out With Style

Day two we’ll tackle creating websites that convert, copywriting that sells, best tech tools, systems & processes, funnels, etc.

Day 03

Built Trust & Credibility

Day three we’ll touch on how to show up like a pro & get visible with our ideal clients in the way of organic or paid marketing, content creation, staying authentic etc.  

The Build Your Beautiful Business Online Summit is for female entrepreneurs who are sick of being stuck and want to start building the business they've always dreamed about.

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Meet Julie!

Say Hello to me

I am Julie … I am 40-something Canadian wife and mamma of two witty boys and 3 fur babies, and I started my business as a self-taught portrait photographer over 15 years ago.

I am a simple country girl at heart, but have been living in the city for 20+ years! I’m a creative being who loves gardening & all things pink. I love mornings & lattes and am overall a pretty happy and positive person, life is a gift, and I feel incredibly grateful and happy to be living this life … in my yoga pants 😉.

My mission is to help female entrepreneurs who are in love with what they do, build & grow their business so that they can achieve a level of success that goes above and beyond by creating irresistible high converting brands that let them connect with their dream clients.